individual therapy sessions

Jen  offers individual counselling for children, youth, and adults. Jen  specializes in working with individuals struggling with stress, anxiety,  depression, and trauma. Therapy sessions are customized to the  individual so if sitting on pillows, bolsters or blocks is preferred and  more comfortable then that is offered. Jen offers a unique approach to  counselling with particular focus using mindfulness, meditation, psycho-education and yoga.   However, every session is designed around the individuals’ goals/needs  in order to calm the mind and body, as well as, open up areas that might  be creating mental and emotional blockages.

How does therapy help:

  • Brings awareness and stabilization to your life
  • Learn healthier coping techniques for stress, anxiety and depression
  • Achieve your own goals and optimize your health
  • Feel less stressed and more conscious of your capabilities and strengths
  • Understand the stress response and how to manage day-to-day stress
  • Learn your triggers and develop healthy outlets


$100 – 1 hour session

$465 – 5 session package

$900 – 10 session package


She is a rescue pup from Paws United. She makes frequent appearances to Jen’s office for counselling appointments. 


Jen offers workshops throughout the year focusing on trauma, stress, anxiety, and  depression management. Workshops alternate for adults, teens, and  children. Click the link below for upcoming workshops or sign up for our newsletter. If you’re interested in corporate or private workshops/yoga classes, please email Jen for inquiries.

Upcoming Workshops